Concierge services

Travel and logistics

Our paid services at your convenience:

  • Air travel (domestic and international)
  • Airport transfers (domestic and international)
  • Ground travel
  • Hotel stays @ superb discounted rates with business needs
  • Group tours / Educational tours – for under 18s and teachers
  • Workshops in ambient venues
  • Meeting Mementos
  • Premium Coach services for groups

Essentials yet Optional

We care selflessly, we know you may need:

  • International Student Travel Insurance
  • Expat, Travel and Essential Medical Insurance
  • International SIM card
  • Forex, Global Bank debit / currency cards
  • International student / youth / teacher identity card for heavy discounts worldwide
  • Family and Friends visa assistance
  • Student essential kit
  • Business traveler kit
  • Anything that we may have missed to remind you?

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