Undoubtedly, the Nature through COVID-19 has tried to make us realize and sense the importance of being self-reliant and self-sufficient, the Healthy and the Wealthy way.

Human capital is an asset which consists the knowledge & skills in a person which can be used by an organization to advance its goals. We search, recruit and acquire individuals with the human capital for progression of all. We need you to create and nurture a hub of selfless and resourceful Human capital at Vedaang EduCom.

We would wish to hear from individuals from ANY background or industry to support yourself and benefit others with a win-win achievement for all and gain monetary rewards for your efforts and become our freelance consulting partner lifetime.

Benefits to join us as Freelance Consulting Partner:

Work from home, Work for your own, Be your own boss, Get paid for your talent, Write your own supplementary pay check, Work without affecting your present job or assignment, Lifetime contract, No joining fees, No commitments, No obligations, No capital investment, Define your own goals and targets, Set your income yourself. There are several ways to join us as freelance consulting partner:

Join as Digital Marketing Partner

Join as recruitment partner

Join as Blogger / Branding / Content partner

Join as education partner

Join as service partner

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